We want to create an efficient, seamless method of transferring files from android to PC and Mac. 

What it does

Using an NFC chip or Pebble smartwatch, we can **bblip** (transfer/send) the file that was on your phone, to your computer, in one fluid step.

How We built it

Using NFC or Pebble technology, an event is triggered on an android device, this shares the open file to our ownCloud server, which is then pushed to your desktop.

Challenges We ran into

From struggling with sleep deprivation, to having an NFC tag suck the life out of the team, we worked together to provide a solution for every obstacle we encountered.
The list of challenges is much too long to fit into this text area, but a couple of them include database optimization in Amazon Web Service, ridiculous naming schemes from downloaded files, and having our security certificates break as we write this post.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are pleased things work at all. We're also proud of our technology, learning how to integrate so many services and platforms together was tough, but we successfully created one unified product. 

What We learned

 Our team learned how to integrate ownCloud with Amazon Web Service. We also learned that Visual Basic Script is actually garbage. _ Visual Basic will **never** be a tool that you will need or use. _ Pebble technology is surprisingly easy, not to mention extremely spiffy, to use and integrate into android development.

What's next for bblip

Optimizing transfer speeds and adding more accepted file formats is definitely the current priority, following that we would like to work on a subscription model, in order to better the web service.
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