Quarantine has us making banana bread and sometimes you want to mix it up but don’t know where to begin! Indecisive? This is perfect for you.

What it does

Facebook Messenger Bot which uses the Spoonacular API to recommend user random recipes.

How we built it

Flask, python, Spoonacular API, Messenger API, VSCode, GitHub, ngrok, RapidAPI

Challenges we ran into

Using the Spoonacular API for the first time and JSON Parsing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the bot up and running first without the Spoonacular API, responding to a user's messages with a random list of phrases. This was our first time using the Facebook Messenger API, so this was especially fun. Then having it use the Spoonacular API to generate a random recipe for the user along with its link and responding to the user based on specific input. We were able to specify as well that we wanted to get dessert only recipes!

What we learned

Flask, using two API's at once, Messenger API, Spoonacular API

What's next for BBBB (Boycott Banana Bread Bot)

NLP, Image Recognition for ingredients, and most of all providing specific recommendations for the user's restrictions (ex: gluten free).

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