The Flush toilet app includes all commercially and publicly available restrooms in your area; however, it doesn't consider key details: gender-specific/unisex, free/for paid customers, and level of accessibility.

What it does

Our app and billboard extension put accessibility at the center, focusing on information for the under-served (especially persons experiencing homelessness who need and have the right to access to public bathrooms).

How we built it

We focused on the front-end, using Figma to plan out our app and an example billboard (for users without phones, we plan to set up these info-graphics at high access points)

Challenges we ran into

Figma was new to all of us, and we tried to create a two-solution technological approach to support our users who may not have access to technology.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We followed through on our idea and created a visual prototype for a data-heavy project that seemed difficult (at first) to create.

What we learned

Figma is a very useful tool and some basics of geographical tools (very cool)!

What's next for BB

We hope to install monitors to give access to this app in multiple public spaces for people who don't have access to smartphones.

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