Mental health is an issue that plagues many individuals globally, especially college students in high pressure and stress inducing environments. We wanted to address mental health using technology, allowing technology to check in on users and record information about their current and past emotional states based on sentiment.

The Idea

We created a multi-platform mental health assistant much like Baymax from Big Hero 6. It incorporates different sentiment detection techniques, language parsing, and tracking metrics to understand more about the emotions of a user. Baymax is an assistant that is with you no matter where you are, no matter how lonely you feel.

The Technology

Google Cloud Natural Language: Sentiment analysis and semantic parsing

Firebase: Cross platform data persistence

Twilio: Messaging server and services

AWS: Lambda and Alexa

Heroku: Deploying personal website

Plans Moving Forward

We hope to refine Alexa's natural language processing features and ability to communicate with the user in a more human-like way. Furthermore, we would like to link Alexa to the Firebase backend so that Alexa can also report progress and sentiment about the user. Ultimately, we would like for our application to be a viable tool in helping people to understand the relationship between their vocal sentiment and mental state.

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