As an EMT, I've (Amy) seen things. Things including an 80 year old woman lying on her floor for more than 12 hours because she fell and broke her pelvis. But she couldn't call anyone because she couldn't reach the phone. Our new Amazon Echo/Alexa skill helps those who need advice on everyday medical help or emergency situations. We are making emergency medical care even more effective as well as everyday first aid.

We were inspired by classic services such as life alert, which traditionally merged emergency services with technology to help save lives.

What it does

Our new skill for Alexa can help guide you through simple first aid procedures such as a bloody nose or a sprain. The skill can also cross check your symptoms with symptoms of heart attack and flu. If Alexa determines that these lead to a dangerous situation, she can contact medical services for you.

How we built it

We used Amazon Echo and the AI, Alexa. We followed through with Amazon and used AWS Lambda. We then combined the Twilio API as well as the Google Calendar API.

Challenges we ran into

The documentation for the Echo was slightly confusing at first. All team members are also new to AWS. It was also difficult to integrate APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of just getting Alexa to work and respond to all our custom commands. We're also happy that we managed to split up tasks and work together on a project we were all passionate about.

What we learned

We refined our Python and API integration skills. This was also a first hackathon for a few members, but also a first hardware hack for all members.

What's next for Baylexa

This skillset can be applied to bigger and important problems. We can scrape websites and help diagnose certain medical problems. We can also send data via an email and Alexa integration to the patient's physician. This new skillset can greatly improve the lives of the elderly who cannot get to a phone to call a loved one or their physician. This also has potential to change the lives of ordinary citizens who will now be able to receive first aid instructions without having to call 911 or their busy physician.

We'd like Baylexa to support and maintain a database of emergency contacts, and store more information about common first aid fixes. We'd also like Baylexa to be able to make calls to these contacts.

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