Stylized Animations of the DemoScene. A small file format for maximum impact

The Red Panda of Firefox walks the lighting lit halls of an empty cathedral

What it does

I used an open source pipeline in Blender to draw, rig and animate a new fox model. I then participated in today's Alpha demo of the Auteurist software, producing renders with a flow of motion matching the rig animation. I integrated the exported Collada files with the .mp4's from the Auteurist program into equirectangular panoramic background textures, which I displayed in the browser through ThreeJS successfully (and with some struggles in AFrame).

How I built it

Using images sourced from the Google Search with Share and Modify permissions(CC BY-ND 4.0) scaled down to the 256x256 aspect, I have also produced low poly textures and reference images. I used the references to draw a extrude a cube with a mirror modifier to match the form and side references of a fox. I used decimate modifiers to bring the final sub-surfaced and brushed mesh from 50 K to Under 1K. I used UV mapping to texture the mesh and a basic bone rig system to rig. I created a 60 frame loop with two cycles, a trot, and jump. I used references from _The Illusion of Life _ for the jump cycle which runs from 31-60 frames. I will make the bundled textured/rigged/animated model open source at the end of this hackathon on SketchFab.✓ I followed the instructions and held patience from the export process

Challenges I ran into to

I am more familiar with Panoramic Equirectangular then top-bottom videos that Auteurist exported, I felt like my process may have lost some quality. In general in a side by side of Blender Cycles export and Auteurist, I was pleasantly surprised. It was much faster if frames were dropped, my insecure browser was most likely the culprit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How to create and export a WebVr Ready 3d animated/rigged textured model. It's a long road in Blender with the UI.This past challenge really helped me feel like I've been successful at producing something from start to finish.

What I learned

Best practices for bringing Collada vs JSON vs GLTF2 formats to WebVR. "If it's just not working, take the material into text edit!"

What's next for Baur.Collada.Fox.360Video

The release of the open source fox model. Improve my three JS and AFrame skills Have more fun learning!

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