5 pivots later, a good group brainstorm leads to hype.

What it does

Uber riders are now engaged in a game of Battleship! As they get rides around the city, their final destinations are geographically checked against premade 'battleships.' If they land in one, they are notified and challenged to find the rest. When you sink every battleship, you win a prize.

How I built it

The iOS app is where an Uber rider can sign up and authorize their final destination geolocation. This information is then sent to servers where the data is checked using node.js and stored with Parse. Parse sends push notifications to the user's mobile device.

Challenges I ran into

Learning Parse; using Uber APIs properly; sending information to a server; retrieving data from the server with JavaScript

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coming up with the idea! Delegating and accomplishing tasks as individuals in timely fashion.

What I learned

How to use JavaScript to interact with a server; how to use Parse

What's next for BattleTrips

We're going big, boys! Uber will buy us out and we'll scale the application for all cities

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