We are building battleship using the arduino and 4 8x8 led matrices. The game will be a human vs human game and we will try to add a single player option if possible. Each player will have 2 matrices, just like in the original game. The game will only consist of 4 ships (lengths 2, 3, 3, 4) due to the smaller board size. Players will place their pieces initially, but will not be able to see them after placement, since the matrix does not support multiple colors. Players will then take turns using a set of 2-4 buttons to choose a spot to hit attack on the board. The game will automatically mark the shot as a hit(blinking light) or miss(solid light). Game will continue until one player has sunk all of the opponents ships. For the first deadline, we will have the details of the implementation worked out and hopefully have significant progress with the code completed. We will wait to build the hardware since this is a code heavy project and hardware mostly consists of connecting the inputs(buttons) and outputs(led matrices). We will have the entire project complete by the second deadline

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