How it works

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for battleseas

The inspiration behind battleseas was to create a immediately familiar game app.that would easily allow people to load photos, play guess the biggest offending sub zone, allocate rprize points and reward points that can be translated too mobile air time.

The user logs into his profile, adds photos to the battle grid sub zone gallery accessed to help decision making for the spot the ball grid entry, a winner selection process occurs which allocates a prize if you havhave located one of the top three scores. The score algorithm is the subzone number of pictures times the subzone hit rate. The prize tiers are trawler =3rd prize = 10 points, the 2nd prize = 100 points and the 1st prize =1000 points.. The results process adds the points to the player purse which can be cashed fir air time. A fanfare sounds when the top prize is won. Time restraints have trimmed down functionality.

Not running out into the uk heatwave.Enduring all night efforts

I've learned of a tuna genocide that"s a holocaust for fish and and oceans and ecosystems. I"ve saw the resilience of the hackers to help with modern eco disasters.

Hopefully battleseas will become a popular game which can globally re reimburse ecowariors willing to criud fill databases for data.

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