Turn Based Strategy Game with RPG Elements.

      BattleScape takes place inside of a futuristic computer network, wherein the player takes the role of an ancient sentry program. The network you are charged with guarding has been taken over by a malicious virus and it’s your job to repair other programs and general data in the world from the devastation of the virus, working to eventually banish it from the network altogether.

      The player runs around freely in an open world, encountering story elements as you go along and gaining power and experience during your progression. Along the way, you will meet powerful allies who will fight alongside you as you endeavor to destroy the virus piece by piece. Each character has an array of interchangeable abilities that allow the player to customize how their characters will interact with the challenges they will face. In order to destroy various pieces of the virus and repair the damage it has done to the network, you must hack into the various data streams that comprise the virtual world and play turn based strategy games in order to eliminate pieces of data corrupted by the virus. These corrupted pieces of data will not be removed without a fight.

      We chose the turn-based strategy model because it has a good pace for VR. To date, there have been no well-executed turn-based strategy games on any VR platform. We realize there will be a lot to be invented/reinvented for the UI/UX design required for a solid VR turn-based strategy game and we’re excited to work through these challenges. We are looking to set the standard for good UI/UX integration into the VR community. We hope that BattleScape will open the door for others to follow with this genre. This will continue to be our biggest challenge. With few outside examples to work from, we are navigating through largely uncharted territory. We are excited to be developing new design elements that others in the VR community can use to evolve the VR RPG and TBS genres.

      We hope that this game will open the door to further strategy game development in the VR marketplace. We feel that this genre is currently under-explored by the VR community and that there is serious room for growth. Using this game as a demonstration, our goal is to expand upon its themes and ideas in order to create more games for the VR community and marketplace.

The open world is being built up. Characters are being made and animated. The combat system is pretty well squared away. We are working through builds and adding in art assets as they become complete.

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