Learn and Get Fun! BattleFlu is game designed to help people to learn about the Flu, we don't expect that the people become an expert in the flu, we want that they learn little things, that little things can be the difference in the future, the game is open for everyone, but specially for kids that doesn't like the standard plain data information, we need to disguise this information in a way to make attractive to them, there is no better way that learn and make fun of it, this is a new way of education and prevention.


You can see the weekly activity Flu report from the CDC in a different way, if there exists a minimal activity, you can fight against the Flu in that place! You can check the last RSS news in our little in-game informative messages, if you want to find more with a simple click is enough. Want to play and listen about the Flu?, you can do it! just select a podcast and listen it during your virus hunting. A lot of tips in-game about of how fight and prevent the Flu. Lots of fun!

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