The talk on Android Development gave me the inspiration to begin an app, and while looking through the docs I saw the Google ARCore which looked amazing. That inspired me to create something that would let you have a virtual tabletop model in place of the classic war modeling many people do.

What it does

Uses Augmented Reality to project a battlefield onto your table.

How I built it

ARCore API by Google and Android Dev.

Challenges I ran into

Getting military models for free in a format (blender) that I could use with ARcore.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Beginning an Android App and learning more about mobile development.

What I learned

That Google and other companies have a plethora of tools and software out there to make people's lives easier and more interesting!

What's next for Battlefield Viewer

Continued development as well as acquiring of better 3D models and (hopefully) animation and perhaps a game/simulation element.

Built With

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