We got inspiration form the concept of popular games such as Fortnite , Pubg and This thrilled us to make something fun that we could even enjoy ourselves with our friends.

What it does

Battlefield honor which brings players in unknown locations different of maps together and force them to fight for their survival.

How we built it

  • Our game's frontend is developed in PhaserJS - a js framework which gives us the possibility to build HTML5 games with less stress. We use ReactJS for the game ui. We ensure a consistent state management through our game app with Redux and a good url management with React router
  • Our game's backend is done with nodeJS which uses Colyseus to implement a powerful multiplayer game server.
  • The sound, image assets from the game are all from various internet sources (All Open Source)
  • The map of the game has been drawn using Tiled Map Editor - a powerful tool to draw game maps.

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing the socket communication at first was challenging because the javascript library we used was not very popular and our main source of information was the documentation.
  • We had to make some decision on how populate data to the client, which could permit us to use heroku free their and yield a low latency in the server response

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The movement of the player and its rotation according to the position of the mouse even while moving.
  • Sound effects for the game (bullet firing) and the damping of the firing sound.
  • The implementation of the HUD's to display the useful information about the player such as its health.
  • The implementation of different Power-ups and special abilities that the player can have along the game.
  • The score which shows how many players has been eliminated by a particular player.

What we learned

  • How to develop with technologies that where new to us in a limited amount of time.
  • Easily read a documentation and finding valuable resources from it without necessarily going to stack overflow..
  • How to collaborate remotely with different person.

What's next for Battlefield honor

  • Add limitations to number of player allowed per room in a precise map.
  • A Menu system to help the player navigate along the game.
  • The implementation of different weapons for the players to switch.
  • Authentication for persistent players and those who want to keep their gained XP's and rewards. (primarily with Facebook).
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