my inpiration came from family game show that is family feud, family who play in that game show looks happy and band together for winning the game. Besides that my inspiration come from game that I have played, it's clash of clans, in this game we build kingdom and battle with other. so my idea is combine family fued and clash of clans.

What it does

battle royal family is designed to make relation of family more fun and harmonius with challenging them to cooperate in make a kingdom and to be a leader royal family in the world. format attack and defend that used in battle royal family is with guess the top answer of the question like family fued.

How I built it

I used voiceflow for the logic backend, spreadsheet for question and javascript.

Challenges I ran into

I never make like this before, it's first time for me, so it's very challenging for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i'm very proud when I can connect the user with other user(royal enemy) and make them to battle in same question and never answered before to make sure the battle is fair.

What I learned

a lot, i'm learn alexa skill, how to design voice user interface, make a great offer.

What's next for Battle Royal Family

make variance of question as a weapon when attack, make a battle royal family league.

Built With

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