Players will have to take a side in the infinite war of darkness and light and fight for supremacy over the Tree of Light.      Participants should make their way from the roots of the Tree to the top and slay the Dragon of Oblivion. The winning side takes the benefits and sacred knowledge of the astral union.


     We want to create a thrilling and non-intrusive game so that the Birds fulfill their potential to the full extent. In the game every player will have the ability to contribute and lead its team to victory! The supremacy over the Tree of Life will depend on each bird.

The Game

     We create an interesting game for all bird owners! Interesting game mechanics will allow each participant to choose the team of darkness or light and help his/her team to occupy the top of the Tree and dominate there for two weeks.      Participants of the Battle will gain experience and level up their fighting birds! The higher the level each bird achieved, the more chances the team has to win! Each bird can become a leader and lift its team to a win. The first team to slay the final boss, the Dragon of Oblivion, wins. The winning team receives valuable prizes and bonuses.

How we build it

     In order to create our game on smart contracts, we need to write a bridge to MOVR to be able to transfer our birds to the MOVR network. We will then need to write a smart contract for the game on the MOVR blockchain.

Challenges we face

     We need to develop the architecture of the contract for the game and make it intercommunicate with the game module. Lots of tests, experiments, and maximum of safety!

What we learned

     We learned how to deal with smart contracts, how to transfer NTF safely and how to use it then for games.


     As a result, we will create a Bridge and a Game which will supplement the wide functionality of NFT on RMRK. We will also learn to knit together the game module with a smart contract and communicate with it through the game interface.

What's next

  1. Introduction of the elements. Elemental monsters (fire, water, air, earth), which will get additional damage if the attacking bird owns a counter-element;
  2. Bird’s skills. A skill tree which adds bonuses for the birds;
  3. Intermediate Mini Bosses;
  4. PvP. A system of duels against players of an opposing team;
  5. Debuffs for the opposing team;
  6. Teaming up to attack Mini Bosses;
  7. Magic wwoww ~~!

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