We always wanted to build ludo, chess, or any other board game on Alexa. But due to the limitations of the Alexa presentation language, it was really difficult to provide the best user experience to the user. With the release or Alexa Web API for games, we saw the opportunity to build Ludo on Alexa. We did not want to bring the typical game to Alexa so we thought of giving it a battle twist.

What it does

Battle Ludo is the world's first Ludo game on Alexa with a battle twist. This allows you to play ludo with your friends on your screen based Alexa devices. You can play a multiplayer or a singleplayer game. You can play locally with your friends or if you are alone, you can play it against the CPU.

The game has some really cool sound effects to keep you engaged through the whole game. We have made the interaction model very robust so that you don't even have to learn how to play the game, it's very natural. The game supports over 1000 voice commands to help you play the game without any problem.

How I built it

We first built the battle ludo web application using the HTML Canvas libraries. Then we designed the interaction model for the game so that the game can be played via voice also. Then we added the Alexa Web API support for the actual voice implementation of the game.

Then after rigorous testing and QA of the game, we kept on improving the interaction model as per the tester's feedback and came up with the final version of the game and published it on both Alexa and our website.

Challenges I ran into

Designing the interaction model for the game was really difficult as the game had unlimited combinations and variations in which the user might want to interact with the game. we spent around 4 weeks just testing and improving the interaction model of the game.

The other task was to make the game screen size dynamic so the same code can be executed for different screen sizes such as Echo Spot, Echo Show 5/8/second gen, and Fire TV.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we are the creators of the first-ever Ludo game on Alexa. This is the first web game that we have created and was able to do it in the best possible quality in terms of UI & UX both on the web and on Alexa.

The best part of the game is state management. Whether you play the game via voice or via touch the game maintains its state every time.

What I learned

HTML Canvas Alexa Web API for Games UI / UX Designing Voice UX designs AWS Lambda Python Session and State Management. AWS S3 Web Game Development.

We learned most of the things from scratch just to develop this game.

What's next for Battle Ludo

Battle Ludo will soon be released for Google Home devices using the Google Web API for Voice. Online Multiplayer mode will be added so that you can play with your friends online. Publishing the Game on top Web games platform so that more people can discover the game and play it on their preferred platforms.

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