The goal was to create a RPG battle game on the blockchain. I've always wanted to create an RPG format game similar to pokemon on the blockchain, where the nfts would evolve and become more powerful, increasing their level when wining, and player would make crypto.

What it does

It's basically a game where holders of the nfts battle each other and place bets on the battles, the winner keeps all the crypto.

How we built it

We built it on the polygon chain. using Moralis on the client and a custom solidity contract.

Challenges we ran into

This game can only work on chains where transaction fees are low, because each attack on the game is a transaction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A NFT project that has real playable utility from the start
  • Game mechanics are completely on chain.
  • Winners make 80% return on their crypto every time they win a battle
  • NFTs are dynamic, nfts evolve and increase their power the more times holders play and win battles

What we learned

  • we learned to use Moralis V2 library
  • we learned a little bit more about solidity and blockchain development

What's next for Battle Knights

The game is pretty much functional, but the frontend needs some improvements. For V2 we'd like to incorporate more features like battling 6v6 and do tournaments

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