1) The tension and dread in a battle royale game like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds lends itself well to the immersion of VR...if you can solve the gameplay problems of teleportation. 2) Teleportation fixes the nausea problem in VR, but it creates gameplay problems because,when people can instantly jump around, they don't have to manage time as much, and they don't have to become vulnerable to move. We want to fix this with an out-of-body experience for locomotion.

What it does

Two or more players spawn into a large building with no weapons or items to use. Players scavenge around for them and attempt to be the last player to survive...through some combination of hiding and eliminating other players. Players move through the building using our out-of-body locomotion technique that temporarily allows direct control of the player avatar from a distance.

How we built it

We used Newton VR to avoid writing item interaction (pickup) and gun mechanics. We used Photon to quickly add networking. Used used one Vive and one Oculus Rift for testing/development.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part was getting 7 people, all checking things in, to coordinate and work together.

We also found the tight timeline to be challenging because this hackathon was less than two days long.

We made this game for both Vive and Oculus, and we ran into challenges with making the input for one device, and having it work seamlessly on the other. Because the controllers have different layouts, what felt good on one didn’t necessarily feel good on the other.

A big challenge that we didn’t expect was getting the video all put together at the end. It took a lot more time than we expected.

Having networking in the game added a lot of complexity, but it also added a lot more fun to the game. Getting networking going wasn’t a huge challenge, but testing and finding bugs was tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*We finished a basic prototype with the main features that we wanted to test

What we learned

The UX around our game still needs a bit of work. The out of body locomotion technique ended up working quite well, though it is hard to rotate while teleporting. . We got more familiar with the Photon and Newton VR sdk as well. One of the harder items to implement was the throwing knife. Using actual physics to simulate it created a poor experience. The current implementation does a "smart approach" which auto aims the knife based on gaze.

What's next for Battle Buds

Root tooting, a smooth shooting, good golly of a good time! What next for Battle Buds is new levels, new playermodels,and a lot more guns! Currently we only support 4 players but the goal is to get a 100 person game such as PUBG. Be the last one standing and claim the reward! In the long term we're aiming to add smoother gameplay and enhance our locomotive mechanic. Trying to step back from the the main stream movement of teleportation and give the players a smoother form of movement. Hope you enjoyed what we have now and will hopefully be showing you more soon!

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