I wanted to build a fun dodgeball game style as this is our favourite family game to play with my kids.

What it does

Ended-up making a First person shooter 1v1 aerial battle game where each player is in a fighter jet cockpit simulation and this is what my family loved more in a digital game, shooting missiles targeting the other player's fighter jet that is attached to his body stimulating how would his tactical air manuevers be. The game is timer based -2 minutes a round- and is extendable for as many as the 2 players decide or as the tournament rules decided by all the teams players.

How it was built

The game was built in a connected template and with using body tracking and physics bodies to detect collision of 3d elements being the fighter jet and bodies simulating missiles. The score of each player counts each hit and sums them while being synced on both players screens.

Went through Challenges

The game had to be immersive and memorable, so the challenges after how the game function using different scripts and amending helper scripts were mainly in the UI & elements design with finding/making best images and visual assets while the rest of challenges were about finding/making the best sounds effects to elevate the game experience.

Accomplishments & Learned Lessons

Eventually, the game functioned as desired and as how I would love to play it with family and friends with many iterations done on the very first version of the project.

Learned alot about the connected lenses framework & physics system in lens studio. It was a fun journey with many learned lessons specially to learn that there is always a way and there is always better.

What's Next for Battle Altitude-MP

The next versions of the game may include other players - more than 2 - where each player joins a team in the same session, so tactical teamwork can be involved. This is along with other different themes of the game.

Built With

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