This was a response to SunPower's challenge. I'm a SunPower solar customer as well as a manager/analyst at PG&E, and have been interested in whether solar+storage is a currently viable combo for a couple of years.

What it does

Provides a simple framework for calculating value streams from a given solar + storage design. (Note that solar in the demo case is simply a source of on-site zero cost power during solar hours -- no other attention is given to solar design.)

How I built it

Struggled with Powerpoint.

Challenges I ran into

Not only can I not do web development or coding on a 24 hour deadline, I can barely manage Powerpoint.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got something completed.

What I learned

This was a good source of interesting ideas. Especially interesting for me was the realization that the combination of a residential battery and an EV essentially gives a customer the ability to charge the EV anytime, rather than only when the vehicle is parked at home.

What's next for BatterySim

I will show it to family members and co-workers.

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