Battery Tester :

The name sounds old but much required for Samsung GEAR..

Using the " Battery Tester " app you can find-out the GEAR Performance.

Every & every one; Wanted to know how many hours the Battery lust.... There are many people believe; Samsung doing cheating in Benchmark Score.. My Aim here to prove the Samsung doing great job in all the way..

The test runs until the battery charge reaches 15% at which point the test is considered complete and the results are displayed.

This Battery Testing Utility tool is used to measure the battery statistics on an Android device with respect to Video & Audio playback and Browsing the internet..

With this app, you can approximate the battery usage of an audio file with a specific bit-rate or a video file with a particular resolution and see the battery consumption rate/minute. You can also check the battery consumption rate for 10 standard url's with the browser test.

This Application is Very simple but very powerful when it comes to game..

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