Our inspiration came from bats' ability to see hear in the darkness, Synesthesia (phenomenon due to which some people see sounds e.g. associate A note with a particular colour) and obviously the problem of making the energy more renewable and eco-friendly (and in-turn our planet more liveable for other species like bats).

What it does

The player follows a story of tragic disappearance of a projector remote battery, just before the final project presentations, and a brave Bat name Terry who sets on a quest to rescue the day!

How we built it

We used GameMaker 2 for building the game, and Piskel for the pixel art of the game.

Challenges we ran into

The throwing mechanism for the echolocator showed to be the main challenge, as it involved some complex calculations in representing the locator trajectory correctly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The cute Bat named Terry and the King! All the fun we had designing this as a team.

What we learned

Merge branches as early as possible

What's next for BATTerry Quest

The King!


Runs only on MacOS!

Built With

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