What it does

Webpage for causal user (web application developer with react and graph based backend). One of the core features is that you don't have to register and share private data. Users get a unique number (key) after they fill a simple questions fulfilling basically a simple quiz or answer the simple question. Related user opinion on their health and impact on their lives in a random sequence. User will share the location of the device where they full fill the form. And user can login thru the unique number (key) to update the timeline. Simple, just a map related tool with the GraphQL API at the backend that can be reused.

UI is extended for some basic statistics and interactive map with the simple graphical graph api to access the data a discover on the map or interactively in the data model graph.

UI is extremely easy to operate and work at any web browser with the access to the public domain: batnumber.com

==> anonymised simple data upload for normal people who don't know how to use smart applications and can use just a simple webpage to upload the data about their health state and covid19 related local information with interactive heatmaps

How I built it

Run the docker container with the UI from the specified link with the docker image. If the app needs some scale up, run also a multiple instances of API docker image. There will be one running instance at the time under the domain: www.batnumber.com any new published images create a balanced query to scale.

Challenges I ran into

Make the thing done by weekend and accessible to 55+ years old person with simplest possible controls on frontend side and GraphQL api on the backend side. Interactive map and some graph based features + access to cypher based graph database -> open source solutions. I will probably try to put there also chat features to make people communicate between each others based on the locality and still fully anonyme. I have a business idea how to extend the system with the shared economy idea implemented in several future features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just to make it what is has to be and help someone.

What I learned

I learned that you need to have good idea, successful software architecture and capable effective engineers with the actual plan and time. As always :)

What's next for batnumber.com

Following the simple plan as the free app it have its purpose. API will be open, possible as small open source project.

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