Nerds and jocks, kids and adults, and everyone in between; everyone loves Batman. Something about superheroes, rising up from the unknown, helping innocent civilians, and having unstoppable technology.

In the Batman movies, our beloved superhero has a sonar device that can map out rooms before he enters them. Not only did we think that was a badass idea, but we also thought it would benefit the world greatly.

Therefore, we began pioneering the first steps towards developing this device. Our current mobile application emits a 20 kHz sound (inaudible to the human ear; that'd be really annoying), detects the reflections of the sound via the microphone, and processes the audio signal. By "pinging" multiple times, the user can increase the accuracy and measure the distance from their current location to the nearest obstacle.

Don't think of yourself as superhero? No problem! The Batman Phonar is for everyone. Do you wake up at night to pee? Do you creep down to the kitchen for midnight snacks, trying not to wake up everyone? Do you sometimes just not want to open your eyes? This app is for you.

We are extremely proud of the user interface. Although we didn't have the ideal amount of time to develop a sexy interface, we pulled off a minimalist, modern design.

We finished off our wonderful application with a touch of majestic art from the amateur beast, Jeff Zhao.

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