From our first hackathon, we created a choice based game like this. However, due to the limited time, we were not able to engage in as many functions a choice based game would have; music, art, writing, and programming. We were driven to create a game that dove more into quality.

What it Does

This game is an interactive, choice-based game; you are able to interact with virtual characters and make choices that would impact how YOUR story will end.

How we Built it

We used; is a python-based software that is used for choice-based games like these. Our code was written in a Python editor too.

Challenges we ran Into

A choice-based game like this involves four-key components: music, art, writing, and programming. Right away, we ran into a roadblock; None of us had any coding experience. We have not taken any classes, only self-teaching the day of. Due to this lack of coding knowledge, it took hours to figure out how a certain function worked, or how to execute a certain action (i.e. inserting images, inserting music filed, dialogue, etc.) However, we insisted on trying something new, and came out with more of an interest in python. Furthermore, we have two artists on this team. Instead of using art from the internet, we had our artists hand draw almost all of the drawings. Due to the hand-drawing, there was a time-constraint.


Accomplishments That We're Proud of

Self-teaching basic functions always made me feel accomplished, haha. Every time we would run our game and have no errors detected, we would be ecstatic. Furthermore, I'm glad that the artists on our team could learn about animation and a bit of python.

What we Learned

We learned about the diligence that comes with coding and art. I come out today with a newfound respect for the artists on out team, spending an unbelievable amount of time on a short animation- when we would already have finished coding a scene. Additionally, I think we all learned a bit more about teamwork- how to maximize our creative dynamic.

What's Next for "Bating Sim: A Manual to Heartbreak"

What's next? At the next hackathon or even free time, we will probably create, yet again, another "bating simulator." We will apply our use of python that we gained from this hackathon and incorporate it to our next project.

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