Catching problems early is key. Knowing about how your body process what you take in can give insight into problems that could be happening.

What it does

You tell it what event you had (poop/pee) and it will prompt you with follow up questions. It'll then figure out the details of the event and report back to you.

How I built it

I used nodejs to set it up and will be using dynamo db for storing data.

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out the best way to analyze the results was a bit tricky. There will be even more challenges when I implement the deeper analysis to figure out relateable properties.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out how to break down all the information needed into the fewest prompts possible. The quicker you can tell it what you did, the faster Alexa can tell you the details.

What I learned

Way too much about bathroom events. Hopefully this knowledge will be useful to others!

What's next for Bathroom Sidekick

Add a user management system will be implemented for families, event management system, and more advanced analysis.

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