Need to use the bathroom? Afraid of leaving that expensive laptop behind? Worry no more! With BathroomBreak, owners can leave their personal belongs unattended for a short period of time, as this hack will prevent theft with loud buzzers activated when the items are moved, and notify the owner via LTE network.

How we built it

The TELUS LTE-M IoT board was configured to send data from its accelerometer sensor to a database on the IBM Watson cloud server, where from here, a major displacement will trigger a signal. This will then activate a blaring buzzer on the M5 Stack, as well as simultaneously send an SMS message powered by Twilio directly to the user's phone.

What's next for BathroomBreak?

In the future, expect to see GPS configuration, a real-time tracking system through Google Maps, and a smaller, more wearable design to the currently bulky prototype. This hack can also be modified to be compatible with other valuable technologies. Other features may include an accompanying app on your phone, entertainment, and customizable user settings, all so this system can be more easy and convenient for you.

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