I know we've all been there when you really have to go to the bathroom, but it seems that it's infinitely far away. This game tries to captures the emotion(s) of the unsuspecting victim of irritable bowels.

What it does

This is a character driven side-scroller where Brad the Businessman must avoid treacherous obstacles: slippery banana peels, pointy airplanes, and unusually tall mops. Brad must collect Toilet Paper (TP) in order to help conquer his "condition." Join him in his journey.

How we built it

We used Phaser.js as our framework, and developed in the Cloud 9 Online IDE to allow for simultaneous code editing. All graphics were made in Piskel, a lightweight, free-to-use, online pixel graphic editor. A lot of Red Bull was consumed. And love. We had three programmers that were simultaneously writing code for different aspects of the game, similar to the Kanban approach to software development. We uploaded our source code to for presentation and to allow for the audience to play the game.

Challenges we ran into

Editing code simultaneously presented many pros and also many cons. Debugging became complex when dealing with multiple programmers (too many cooks). Furthermore, we learned that JavaScript does not allow for duplicate variable names across scripts. This caused delays of up to an hour on a few occasions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had never worked with animations before, and found the work to be a lot different than working with static images. We learned to utilize Phaser.js's game states, which allowed for much simpler code and nice transitions among aspects of the game. We are also proud to have put together a pretty solid prototype that conveys some humor and allows for an enjoyable experience.

What we learned

How to animate, working with animations, game states, cheat codes, caching, some people like fart jokes (and some people don't), voice editing

What's next for Bathroom Blitz

We would like to add more upgrades, add in a level system, more skins/unlockables/abilities, migration to a mobile platform

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