You spend on average 1.5 years in the bathroom in your lifetime. (source:

Sixty-seven percent spend their time in the shower daydreaming on topics like family and relationships, as well as thinking about work and household chores. (Source:

What it does

It aims to control the time you spend on the bathroom. User can set a specified alarm time in order to control their bath time, and a reminder time (repeating alarm every x min). The user will get a beep sound every x min, just to remind them x min has passed).

How we built it

We used Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

We weren't able to implement an music player playlist into the app because of shortage in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time developing android, gain experience in reading documentations. We have an original Icon!

What we learned

Android Development,

What's next for Bath Time

In the future, we can implement a selected music library within the app, and have a google voice control for the music, how much time they have left until alarm goes off, weather, traffic, news and podcast, etc, without having to touch the screen (wet hands)., The app will also records the shower time of the user from the past, (Date, typical time for user to shower (morning at 8 AM), Duration, User notes), and generate an average report for the user, user can also manually input the hours if he forgot to use it when showering.

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