Have you ever had a lot of work to do, but you have no sense of how to budget your time? Have you ever had an approaching deadline, and when you are comparing things with your classmates, the group chat was a mess? This was our experience, and as an engineering cohort who will be together for the next five years, we were inspired to to create a system to organize our deadlines and tasks.

What it does

We created a task manage that can handle and organize deadlines for multiple courses that a cohort may have. This is a list of to-dos that will be organized by class reps who can push tasks to the main database. On the user end, individuals can "check off" tasks that they've already accomplished, or add their own individual tasks.

How we built it

We first build the front-end using AngularJS and created a functional client side web-app. Then we incorporated Firebase to allow the class reps to update everyone's task list simultaneously.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up Firebase was quite a struggle, and figuring out how to structure the database took longer than expected, but eventually everything worked itself out!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None of us are particular familiar with web dev, so it was a great feeling when our website was finally functional and live!

What we learned

We almost called it quits on the first night after technical difficulties, but we decided to persist throughout the night. We learned that hard work does pay off once in a while.

What's next for Batch

Re-design of UI/UX. For an app like this to be used, it needs to be cleaner, smoother, and more visually appealing for users to ditch the alternatives.

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