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Why Batarr? We currently live in a world battling the effects of centuries of pollution primarily through waste created by us (humans). Most of our personal items which we dispose of as waste are actually reusable for other purposes if given to others. We built Batarr to reduce the number of reusable items ending up in landfills.

What it does

Batarr Users (Climate Champions) will be protecting the climate through the promotion of reuse whilst fostering goodwill and promoting social good.

  • Batarr allows users with accounts on Twitter to post items that they are willing to give away or trade for something else.
  • Users can view posted items when logged in and select the ones they are interested in and initiate a "Batarr" or a giveaway -They are then redirected to the owner's Twitter DM, where they settle the exchange or giveaway -Users then come to Batarr and mention the handle of the user he/she has given the item to
  • The receiver also then needs to confirm the giveaway/barter for both to earn Batarr Goodwill points.
  • Users can follow other Twitter users from Batarr

- Users can tweet their Batarr points and draw in more people in order to achieve the Goodwill goal

How we built it

You should note that the current state of the front-end of the project was built primarily for mobile and the experience it gets if you open with a mobile or use your browser to simulate a mobile form Batarr was built with Twitter at the core Its is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) built leveraging tech (Twitter) to bridge the gap between people ready to give away or exchange reusable items with others safely.

We use OAuth2 in the Twitter V2 API to authorize users to Batarr. We use Angular for the frontend and Tailwind CSS for the UI We use Nestjs for the backend and MongoDB wrapped with Mongoose for Persistence We use Cloudinary for Media Storage

After choosing our Stack Tools, the next thing we did was to create the UI/UX using Figma, which was done outstandingly by one team member. I then went an implement all needed endpoints in the Backend first,

How it Works

  1. To use Batarr one needs an active Twitter account.
  2. Visit Batarr and log in with Twitter
  3. Scroll through the items available being given away or being exchanged and claim.
  4. Post a reusable item you are willing to give away or exchange using the giveaway or batarr button.
  5. Earn batarr points by completing a giveaway or a batarr and level up on the leaderboard.

Challenges we ran into

UI/UX challenges: Trying to figure out how the app should look and what to put on it was a challenge, yet again, with collaborative brainstorming, we came up with ideas that came one step at a time. We eventually decided to mimic the interface of Twitter to help users feel comfortable transitioning between the app and Twitter.

Development: As a developer, at first glance, I told myself this project will be easy, well it wasn't. Even deciding which frameworks to use was a huddle but I this point, I think we used the best we could.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our first accomplishment is that we were able to complete the application! Secondly, we have all improved our collaboration skills by juggling between building this app and our day-to-day activities.

What we learned

A lot! We have learned a lot. Let me put it this way:

  • Teamwork matters
  • Consistency is the key
  • Think about it for some time, then start it, but definitely start it
  • Use all the help you can get
  • Last but not least, Twitter is awesome.

What's next for Batarr

Just like my teammates said, there are a lot of things going on in the world right now and App that promotes social good and encourages people to be helpers is an App the world needs to see. We are hopeful we’ll add value-adding features that help promote goodwill while protecting the climate in the near future. So yes, our plan is better it up and show the world that we can all help each other even by giving things that are of less value to us because they might be of huge value to the next person.

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