Industry Problems:

Most musicians don't get fairly paid in today's music industry, which can be mainly reflected in three aspects:

  1. Today's music favors audience traffic: If a musician fully owns both sound recording and composition copyrights of music, each play on such music can only generate around $0.003 for him on Spotify.

  2. Inefficiency of royalty chains: Between a musician with his fans, multiple royalty chains normally involve 2-5 middle organizations. These royalty chains are black boxes, which can cause significant royalty disputes, delays, and deductions.

  3. Lack of Ownership of music In the past, people own their music assets, such as CDs and tapes. Owners can resell their music assets. Digitalization makes music no longer an asset. Streamings can not store or transfer value as a physical copy does. For example, the signature cannot be signed on a stream. There is no collection value, and it's not tradable.

Our Solutions:

  1. Basscube offers musicians the ability to take back control of pricing, earn sustainable income even with a small group of fans, and create truly special content for their biggest supporters. We also provide unique data metrics and a comprehensive data pipeline to let artists identify, connect fans who are most willing to spend on their work.
  2. Basscube allows musicians to take back control of their work with direct-to-fan sales, instant payments, and transparent, trackable royalties.
  3. Basscube's NFT technology enables fans to own and invest in the content they love, benefitting both musicians and fans as content grows in value.


Most of our team are alumni and professors from the University of Southern California. Our team consists of music industry professionals, senior-level engineers from Amazon, Airbnb, Apple, Facebook, Tiktok, Sonos, etc.

What it does

Basscube is a music NFT platform that helps music artists build a community for their true fans and generate sustainable income. Fans can connect, interact and invest in their favorite musicians on Basscube.

How we built it

  1. Remove the royalty chain’s inefficiency such as disputes, deductions, and delays by hardcoded smart contracts, and make each payment transparent and instant
  2. Provide unique data metrics and a comprehensive data pipeline to let artists identify, connect fans who are most willing to spend on their work.
  3. Create stronger relationships between musicians and fans by creating mutual financial interests.

Why Solana?

Solana is the only blockchain takes care of both security and high scalability well, which is crucial to our project.

Solana has the fastest-growing ecosystem. In the defi field, we have seen great projects such as Serum, Raydium, Maps, Bonfida. Solana also has a bright picture of the NFT market as well. Our goal is to be the most successful music NFT project in the Solana ecosystem.

Low gas fees and fast validation are extremely important for us. Since most of the fans are non-crypto natives.

What we have done?

We integrated great onramp solutions provided by Circle so non-crypto natives can still pay with their debit/credit card to pay. Most music fans tend to use mobile, so we heavily focused on the mobile version development as well. We have signed contracts with music artists with aggregated 15 million fan base, and they agreed to promote their music on their social media once we launched. We target to achieve 10 million before we launch with phenomenon musicians.

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