BasketZilla is simple yet useful app designed to help control shopping.

With it you can easily keep track of the price and amount of items in your basket. So if you have limited budget, or you need to buy articles for actual price to use discount coupon, you can do it using BasketZilla. Also, if you travel abroad, you don’t have to worry “How much would 49.99 Czech korunas would be?”. The app will count prices in local shop currency and show total in both, yours and shop currency at the same time.


  • keep track of shopping list

  • categorizing items added to list by type and subtype

  • setting a price for unit of item (piece, kg, bottle, etc)

  • setting item units to automatically count price for all bought units

  • auto converting total price from shop currency to the one chosen by user

Supported languages:

English, others to be added.

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