Adults with hearing loss could experience social isolation as a result of impaired communication, decrease job and educational opportunities, decrease self-esteem and confidence causes emotional problems. On the other hand, there are a lot of hearing aid problems faced by the users such as volume control, butteries life, hearing aid broken and lost. The reasons behind inadequate hearing care services could be attributed to the Cost of services, reduce clinical providers/specialized services, travel inconveniency, communication obstacles. Due to a lack of local providers and the difficulties of higher expense and travel, rural children are less likely to begin speech therapy after initial diagnosis and may experience challenges to getting rehabilitation care. Purposes of the application:

  1. Make the hearing experience more satisfying with good clarity
  2. Give voice to Deaf and speechless
  3. Reduce the financial cost
  4. Overcoming the difficulties faced by hard of hearing or deafness in specific conditions.
  5. Add unique, new, and different features to the present latest technology
  6. Access hearing service quick and easy
  7. Activate the emergency feature
  8. Enabling users to rate how well they understand each other.
  9. Connect hearing aid to the user’s phones, computer via Bluetooth during (calls, movies)
  10. Tele practice &tele-audiology: use of telecommunications technology to deliver speech-language pathology and audiology services remotely.
  11. Book an appointment for a specific hearing solution center or online via tele-practice.

What it does do?

BA-SIRI is a communication and utility app that simplifies communication between people who have hard of hearing with others, as well as offers various QoL (Quality of Life) features. BA-SIRI provides chances for those who are deaf or hard of hearing who know sign language to convert sign language to subtitles(text), voice to make calls, in addition to the ability to use sign language to text or search by converting it to text. also, when the individual is in a meeting or lecture and has difficulty in hearing, BA-SIRI offers subtitles to voice via communication access real-time translation. in the case of deafness and speechless individuals, it gives them opportunities to grab the attention of other individuals by using either Callout feature to grab the attention of individuals, using either sample from the included audio library, text-to-speech, or record samples as needed, with adjustable volume displayed as the radius (whether metric or imperial).On the other hand, to overcome obstacles that may face hard of hearing individuals like difficulty hearing specific conditions clearly we offer options in the application to Detect and amplify audible frequency spectrum or specific ranges of the spectrum for controllable time intervals (for example, amplification of human voice whether male or female during online conferences or pre-recorded samples like the ring of a bell). In addition to a user-friendly interface that allows for control over the various frequency ranges (has to room for upgradability). The application is provided with a system to increase the level of comprehension by enabling users to rate how well they understand each other. it gives A periodic notification (6 months) to remind users of their next checkup to adjust hearing aid fitting for a better hearing experience. As well as, the application lets the users know the location of the hearing aid supplement by activating the GPS feature to better find needed as soon as possible. And allow the users to book an appointment online by choosing the available date in order to meet his hearing services in the clinic. Golden features have been added to the application to overcome the optical of reduced clinical providers/specialized services in a remote area and to overcome barriers which present since the COVID-19 pandemic are a tele-practice and teleaudiological option which allow the users to access speech-language pathology and audiological services from anywhere in the worlds. The clients select needed specialists (ENT, Audiologist, speech therapist) and the needed services (fitting hearing aid, PTA, AVT session, speech therapy). In an available appointment. the research indicates that fitted clothes can reduce the intensity of sounds by 19–27 dB relative to the no-mask condition for frequencies above 2 kHz (6). As a result, headscarf, hat, and mask programmers were added to the application. In addition to other programs such as wind and crowd. Also, the users can listen to cell phone calls, movies by hearing aid directly via Bluetooth. Finally, in order to save the lives of those people, emergency calls were added to the application by giving pre-announcement to the target destination like (ambulance, police) that the person who calls has hearing loss.

How we built it?

BA-SIRI developed according to human-centered design by making some interviews with people who have a hard of hearing and developing many prototypes to fit the output we got from them to get out with this output. Adobe XD was the main design platform in this project as it fast & powerful UI/UX design solution for websites, apps & more.

Challenges we ran into

Creating an application that serves people with hearing difficulties was not as easy as we expected, because they experience and navigate the world much differently than those with perfect hearing.

in order to provide something to help them we had to understand the difficulties they may face, the challenges they go through in their daily lives, as well as their needs and desires.

And after deep research, we realized that there are many situations that we have never thought of that make life more challenging when little to nothing is audible.

We also faced difficulty while designing the application to be friendly to the largest number of users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the great development that has occurred in the manufacture of hearing aids, and despite the great properties that hearing aids offer at the present time, we were able to design an application that contains many new features, and we modified others that already exist to serve the user in the best possible way.

First of all, our application is not intended for a specific type of hearing aid, this means that the user does not have to buy a specific type of hearing aid to benefit from it.

The sign language detection feature is one of the most important services provided by the application, especially for deaf people. One of the children who suffer from extremely hard hearing in our neighborhood was crossing the street sidewalk with joy on his way to his school, he could not hear the sound of the car coming speeding, he could not save himself because he lost one of his senses, if he could hear at that time with a little help, it would have been possible to be with us now. All people deserve to live a good life and even live it easily. BASIRI hopes to give hand to those people without the need to pay for essential requirements of life.

What we learned

BASIRI was the only idea, but it comes up with more than we expected, it made us feel how it's hard to live with the loss of one of our senses, it made us feel grateful for all the benefits that God gave us.

What's next for BASRI

Instead of being a communication application, we want BA-SIRI to be an application that serves its users in all fields. And to allow all people to understand the challenges they live and make their lives easily

Built With

  • adobe-xd
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