BasicSloth came with the recognition that there needs to be an effect ground communication method for people in unstable situations. BasicSloth attempts to tackle this issue in a few ways including:

  • Using technology which allows for simple PGP encryption and decryption. This allows messages to only be unlocked by those intended.
  • Using cheap radio systems that cost thousands of dollars less than "safe" military methods, which may have more vulnerabilities than our system.
  • Using radios that can be used on a huge variety of frequencies, preventing blockers from hindering the transferring of information.


Basic Sloth consists of four main components, which are:

  • Data entry and encryption - This was done using TK for the gui, and Keybase for data encryption.
  • Speech to Text - This was accomplished using Nuance speech to text technology.
  • Sending - This was accomplished using a simple file read of the information input, as well as frequency modulation.
  • Receiving - This was accomplished using GnuRadio, as well as demodulation and 'segmentation'


We give a special thanks to the Nuance team for their assistance with speech to text. We also give a large thanks to the FSF and the GnuRadio team for continuing to support open source tools that allowed us to continue this project.


From Baseband to bitstream US Frequency Allocations


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