Concerned by the refugee crisis in Greece and all over the world. We wanted to create something can give a voice to refugees. Most of the existing applications from organizations and volunteers provide aid, but it doesn't always address refugees' needs. We built this prototype or concept using a user-centric approach. Who else than refugees is better placed to say what they need. After talking to the team behind the project and a little bit of research, we learned refugees arriving in Lesbos have smartphones so that's why we built this application, but we wanted to build a solution that encompasses all the refugees so we also built an sms application prototype.

What it does

Report refugee needs to organizations and volunteers in a very simple manner. Only 2 clikcs Give organizations analytic platform and the location of various needs Give volunteers an easy to use platform to answer refugees' needs Capture refugee needs using SMS

How we built it

We created a prototype using PowerPoint to materialize our concept. We also created an SMS workflow on how the interaction between refugees and volunteers would work.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have enough coding skills to develop this application. Since many of the refugees around the world don't have smartphones, it's really hard to identify their location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a simple and basic design, but at the same time effective.

What we learned

We learned about SMS technologies specifically we'd like to use RapidSMS to implement our SMS solution. We also learned UX skills.

What's next for basics

We'd like to take our design and actually make the application. We talked with Tech for Justice and they're willing to work with us on this concept.

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