We had an epiphany of merging ordinary people and the blockchain. The space is becoming increasingly disruptive and gains more adopters each month because of the trust in the technology rather than the traditional trust in people.

What it does

Balance Identity Token is a simple project that showcases the simplicity and near endless possibilities of blockchain technology. It acts as a gateway to different decentralized apps that people not knowledgeable in blockchain can use and verify their identity easily. From there the plan is that any dapp can be used from just logging in since this is a very accessible and practical way to get new users using blockchain tech without it being complex or scary. The introduction is useful because it helps grow the space through organic searchers and fosters knowledge in the complex space.

How we built it

We split it up where one person tackled most of the solidity smart contracts. Then we split the roles into the different use cases for this emerging tech. Different people worked on the Toshi API integration and React, the Storaj API integration, and the IPFS implementation.

Challenges we ran into

React was a new framework for a lot of the team, but we were able to learn it. As well, some of the bugs that came along with the different API implementations and the solidity smart contracts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a dapp in a hackathon. It took a lot more work than most hackathon projects, and it was a new experience that was enjoyable.

What we learned

React is a skill that needs to be learned. Also, blockchain tech is limitless.

What's next for Basic Identity Token

More widespread use and adoption for other dapps.

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