We wanted to create a fun, interactive introduction to computer science principles. We were inspired by other CS education tools like Scratch.

What it does

A web interface provides small interactive lessons and games for children learning the basics of circuitry. This web interface interacts with an arduino board to produce feedback through lights.

How we built it

The front-end is built with html, vanilla JS, and a sprinkling of CSS. The styling and responsive-design are handled by Bootstrap 4.0.

A small amount of Java handles the back-end logic.

The hardware is an Arduino Board.

Challenges we ran into

We had a very difficult time getting hardware to work. We came to find that we were missing some essential components and so we had to modify our project multiple times.

What's next for Basic Circuitry for Kids!

A lot more interactivity could built up with the arduino board, motors, and other hardware to facilitate motion. Additionally, we could create more circuitry lessons with more complex problems and more intuitive interactivity (like allowing the users to drag connection wires between nodes with .jsPlumb)

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