Sitting at three a.m., surrounded by red bull, laptops, and the sound of clicking keys, we all realized the peace we felt at the absence of one: the basic. That's when we decided to make a pH meter so you could find out how basic you are.

How it works

It takes in the user id of the friend you would like to look up, or in the first case, when you login, it goes through your posts and parses for certain keywords. It figures out how many of these keywords you have and returns you back a score.

Challenges I ran into

Accessing Facebook information was hard, especially when combining it with JavaScript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have used the Facebook api, as well as are very happy with the final look of the website.

What I learned

We learned a great deal about the Facebook Api, as well as more languages, such as pHp and Css.

What's next for Basic Betches & Co

We want to extend this so it also looks over different soical media sites, such as Instagram, and can have different weights on how much each post makes you basic based on which site it is on.

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