Since Linux is such an important but unpopular operating system, we wanted to expose the users to Linux despite them not having it installed on their computers.

What it does

We created a step-by-step instruction system that teaches the user about the basics of the Linux command line. The Linux commands are all defined in our program, and the tutorial can be easily modified to be more simple, advanced, or cover more topics as the user desires.

How we built it

Using pure Python, we defined common Linux commands and created a totally isolated environment in which the user can interact with the file system through the command line in the exact same way that they could on a Linux computer.

Challenges we ran into

We really struggled with making sure that the program was clean and fully professional, including and not limited to password hashing, a fully interactive environment, and more.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how professional the design is, as well as how clean the code is from any problems. The instructions are simple to understand and cover the fundamentals of using Linux.

What we learned

We learned the basics and applications of python thanks to Professor Kulkarni's Python Workshop

What's next for Bash Teacher

We hope to distribute this code across the globe, exposing everyone to the extremely useful operating system called Linux.

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