A lot of brainstorming has led the team to the brilliant idea of BASH - using a motion sensor platform for creating interactive and engaging games.

What it does

BASH (Break Anger, Smash Hard) is a fun stress and anger management tool. The goal is to punch and smash inanimate objects until you feel better. The target object is equipped with the versatile Suunto Movesense motion sensor, and is detecting and measuring impacts acted on it. The proof-of-concept target object has been chosen to be a pillow, and a progress bar of how close one is to "winning" the object is shown on a mobile application. The concept of the product developed has a large potential for further applications in the gamification field, as well as combat sports, and could potentially be the next desired Christmas gift for children and adults alike.

How I built it

The product is built using the open APIs provided by Suunto. The on-board system-on-chip NRF52 has been reprogrammed with a new added service that performs calculations and filtering on measured accelerometer values, and notifies the mobile application of every impact, its time-stamp and magnitude. This information is further used in the mobile application to display the status bar of the "beating". The amount of data transmitted is minimal, as the sensor is not constantly sending out data to preserve the battery state of charge.

Challenges I ran into

All of the challenges were solved with the great help from the Suunto support group.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The main accomplishment here is not the proof-of-concept product, but the potential we have seen for such devices used in games.

What I learned

There are still a lot of untapped territories in the sensing market. Especially in entertainment.

What's next for BASH

We have a few potentially very interesting ideas which we would like to further discuss with Suunto directly.

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