Humor consistently ranks as one of the top factors in determining compatibility. Another common factor includes food preferences. According to a recent survey, a large proportion of adults have admitted to deciding whether to continue dating someone based on their food preferences. Another survey reported that two in five of those polled said that incompatible food preferences would be a deal-breaker. Nowadays, a large number of Gen Z users (who also make up the majority of the population on dating apps) mention social and environmental causes they support in their bio. This indicates that this is also a factor that is crucial in determining compatibility. On another note, according to a report by a Norwegian company, online dating apps collect and sell personally identifiable information. That's why we built BasedMatch, an app that incorporates all of the factors mentioned above and provides better privacy.

What it does

Our algorithm takes into account an individual's sense of humor, dietary preferences and carbon footprint in determining a match. Users can browse memes on the app and upvote/downvote them. We use this to understand their sense of humor. They can also select their dietary preferences and discover relevant dishes from restaurants nearby that offer them. Users can also upvote/downvote dishes which helps us refine our algorithm further. One of the biggest factors that contribute to our carbon footprint is our mode of travel. To get a good estimate of a user's carbon footprint without asking them to fill out an extensive survey (which can get exhausting), we use their driving habits to calculate their carbon footprint. Matches are displayed on the app and the users have 24 hours to initiate a conversation with them

How we built it

  • React Native to build a cross-platfom app
  • MongoDB for our database
  • GCP for endpoints
  • Courier API for messaging functionalities

Challenges we ran into

We tried to track driving habits using ArcGIS but couldn't get their react native library to work :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From ideation to UI/UX design all the way to a functional prototype in under 24 hours!

What we learned

We used Courier API for the first time

What's next for BasedMatcher

Integrate Netflix watch history and Spotify playlists


Built With

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