I like baseball, and I like beer. I don't like paying $13 for a decent beer in the ballpark, nor do I like crappy packed tourist bars that set up shop next to sporting venues. Thus I made the Basebrew tool that helps you find craft breweries near major league ballparks. Just pick a team and it gives you the closest breweries and brewpubs.

The data was assembled from the ballpark database and I used Tabletop to get ballpark location data and match it up with BreweryDB's API. The site itself is assembled with JavaScript and CSS.

The header image is a Wachusett Green Monsta IPA I bought at Fenway last year, but the Wachusett brewery is not anywhere close to any ballparks that I know of.

Future ideas

Expand it to include any good beer bar, not just breweries (sorry, Lower Depths!). Include minor-league parks to get real esoteric about it.

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