** We love BaseBall **, so we thought why not create something fun for all fans!

What it does

Its an inclusive application which allows baseball fans to predict results ( we help them too !!) to collect points and be a leader

Our URL:

How I built it

TeamWork, TeamWork, Team Work. We followed Agile Scrum methodology with DevOps practices- Git branching to name one, using the below Tech stack Python Flask Numpy Sql Lite Sql Alcehmy

Challenges I ran into

Understanding Data, how to massage it Ask for help when needed

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got a working project in the time frame Team work made it happen

What I learned

Its all about data

What's next for baseball_hackday_team_penguin

Chat intergrations for users Better Integration of ML with the application Harness Meetup APIs to use find existing meetups about baseball using user's zip code Deploy the application on ElasticBeanStalk

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