Living on the west coast and being Jays fans, theirs games are difficult to follow because we're at work, and MLB gameday can be a bit boring

What it does

We built a chrome extension that you can configure to get live notifications during the game in your browser. Unlike push notifications, you can follow along on-screen without your phone buzzing. It has a robust framework to support recognizing a variety of situations and flexibility for different "announcers" to follow along with.

How we built it

Chrome extension using JS to poll the MLB scoreboard data and scraping the gameday page for information.

Challenges we ran into

We realized half way through the hackathon that there were not going to be any live games during the demo period, which would make it impossible to see live data streaming from the gameday site. We decided to cut that feature and focus instead on the notifications.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • actually building a chrome extension

What we learned

  • how to build a chrome extension (and that it isn't actually too tricky)
  • make sure that your data source is running live during the demo

What's next for baseball-hackday

  • track specific players and configure more specific situations to track
  • finish building gameday enrichment with more information for new fans
  • create a site for independent announcers to configure their own alerts and stats to push to users during the game
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