Our Founding Story involves a carload of 12 year-old girls being driven home from a winter clinic for fastpitch softball. They hadn't absorbed what was being taught that evening, and the driver (who is also a father, coach and technologist) was rattling away in the front seat, trying to drive home what had been missed at the clinic. Stopped at a red-light, the driver looked in the rear-view mirror to see why he was not getting any engagement... and saw a "glow of blue" on their faces from their smartphone screens. The idea occurred and the rest is history... what if the driver/dad/coach could meet them where they are?

BASIQs is a sports-tech platform for educational content creation, management and targeted distribution. Our initial sports are baseball and fastpitch softball. The apps are free and come with over 7,000 "defensive situations". Real-world coaches can also create and distribute custom "game IQ" type content directly to their real-world players. The free 7,000+ question content repository is also enabled for free use on Amazon Alexa... skill name is Baseball BASIQs. Youth baseball and softball participants can now learn key game IQ aspects right from their kitchen table!

Our tech stack is LAMP stack with MVP integration to Drupal for content management.

Amazon Alexa integration was reasonably straight forward, as we already had our significant content source service-enabled and exposed. Alerts management in apps in a targeted content distribution platform has had its challenges!

The proudest moments so far... #1 is having early app feedback from a youth softball player that simply read, "It helped me improve."... and #2 is the fact that the Softball app has been the #1 to #3 app in Apple App Store for nine consecutive months, on $0 marketing. The apps are resonating with our target users!

We knew from the beginning that COPPA is important. We learned that implementing the requirements comes with some complexity and some things that work against great UX.

Our next set of priorities center on taking pilot program feedback and building upon the Coaches' Console MVP to make it much richer and even easier to use... including integrating coaches' custom content with our Amazon Alexa integration.

Built With

  • lamp-stack
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posted an update

For this challenge, I updated the Baseball BASIQs and Softball BASIQs Alexa integrations to incorporate sessions, allowing users to stay within an initiated session and request "next" situation for selected position or to "change position" for next situation.

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