Inspiration: In a booming college town, no one wants to go to just one bar and stay there. With BarToBar, customers receive deals on many bars in their area, get to customize their experience, and discover their favorites while allowing bars to tailor to their patrons.

What it does: BarToBar is basically a portable bar. Before you even get to a bar, you can see how many people are in it, what drinks you might want to order, and even get special pricing based on your drink history. In turns, bars get an inside look on not only what customers buy at the own bar, but also what they buy at other bars in the area. Bars can analyze timestamps, pricing, and drink options to maximize profits.

How I built it: We used Android Studio to develop the app and Parse to store our data.

Challenges I ran into: Storing data into Parse and then calling it from Parse took some time to figure out. We also had to try and implement Google Maps into the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Even with little to no experience in Android Development, we were able to figure things out slowly and have something up and running.

What I learned: We learned how to apply our java skills in making an app in environments we had never worked with.

What's next for BarToBar: Using personal history of "likes" and "dislikes" or drinks, patrons can be recommended different drinks. Also, a rewards system based off of the number of points.

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