While brainstorming ways to improve the economy of developing regions, our team noticed that bartering, the exchange of goods and services, is is just as common as the use of currency. We realized that if we could create a means of matching people with reciprocal needs we could not only speed up the dispersal of vital materials but also connect otherwise divided communities.

Our product connects people in developing countries with little communications infrastructure via a mesh network. A mesh network is a way of connecting multiple devices wirelessly without this expensive infrastructure. This allows cheap and fast communication between people in these regions and creates a place where they can quickly and easily find the things they need in exchange for the things they have.

Future extensions may include features such as chat boards for the discussion of quantities and exchange locations or even built in GPS to suggest meeting locations to discuss such topics. We have also thought to implement a rating system so that our algorithm can favour people with higher ratings, to discourage dishonesty.

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