Inspiration We come from a university with a lot of international students, from a variety of backgrounds, and want to find a way to integrate them into being happy members of our little culture.

What it does We want to be able to connect _ ideally _ college students who do not have very much, with ways to receive good and services, and also offer them a way to provide skills without the normal barriers that society is traditionally thought to have!

How we built it We used HTML/CSS on the front-end, and Java with Spring Boot on the back-end.

Challenges we ran into We come from a variety of very diverse technological skill sets, and had to find a way that everyone would be able to provide into our project!

Accomplishments that we're proud of We were able to learn an incredible amount at this event, and get exposed to skills that we see industries actively seeking out. We were able to network with a number of individuals here, and hear from a variety of backgrounds!

What we learned We learned to better network with rising professionals in our field, as well as greatly expanded skills such as: teamwork, time management, working with what we have, new technologies, among other things.

What's next for Barter Hub We really want to see this project being much more functional and fleshed out, so we are going to spend some time coming together, and expanding the functionality of our application. We also want to be able to make the user experience much more fun to use. We will also contact our university's administration for ways we can integrate our system to allow our university to be a better connected community.

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