To create an APP that allows students to simplify some of the school processes- passes, schedules, etc.

What it does

Barron Mobile secures a students Barron Collier High School ID, allows students to see their high school classes and links to the school and district calendar. Our school provides a program called BYOD that is not put to effective use, so we thought if we could create an APP for our school that makes tasks easier, for example, you don't have to leave class or go after school to make an appointment with our guidance counselor.

How we built it

Using the MIT APP Inventor and free to use extensions such as a side bar and a web communicator and Android themes.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into obstacles when the MIT APP Inventor program did not allow us to do certain things, so we went to some of the free extensions to accomplish these tasks, such as processing json statements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to connect the APP to the District website to allow students to get their online photo, full name and school assigned guidance counselor without any special access.

What we learned

Learning to use block codes was very different from our previous experience of using raw programming.

What's next for Barron Mobile

Barron Mobile would like to add features such as a hall pass and a scheduler; which would allow students to schedule a meeting with counselor or administrative team.

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